Multimedia Creation

A lot of times in the world we live in today, technology is becoming even more incorporated into our lives. Whether it be at work, our schools, or in our homes, technology is present. Multimedia Creation is technology that is created by the users themselves– such as homemade videos, podcasts, video-blogs and an assortment of other things. In my future classroom, there is many different ways that I can and will be able to implement multimedia creation into my lessons. For example, if we are doing a lesson on writing/reading, I could have my students make up a story of their own, or tell a narrative of their own life. Then I could have them make a video acting out their stories. It would be a fun and entertaining way to get them engaged into writing and also reading. This would fit into the ISTE standard of using technology to be creative and create an engaging learning environment for my students.

Another way that I could use multimedia creation in my classroom is if my students are learning something about math or science, I could have them explain what they learned over a podcast that they have to put music over and edit. That way, they are reviewing what they have learned, and have thought about it more extensively because they have thought about how to explain it. This would fit the ISTE standard of designing and developing digital age learning experiences and assessments. Overall, Multimedia Creation definitely has a place in my future classroom, and is something that may be helpful to all classrooms everywhere.

Some good Web 2.0 resources that go with my examples are the Center for Digital Storytelling, the Cartoon Generator, and the site for making animated videos.


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