Digital Citizenship Superhero Lesson

In this video, Super Digital Citizenship, Mr. Pane engages his students in this lesson of Digital Citizenship by making it related to superheros. He first explains what Digital Citizenship is, and then he goes on to say that there are bad things that some people do. He tells them that they need to identify those and then says that they should come up with a superhero that can stop people who do bad things. This gets the kids thinking imaginatively, and also makes it fun for them because they get to make up their own stories. They resolve problems like people hacking, taking personal information from someone, and other things. I would use the gallery walks for showing off art in my classroom by if the kids do a project, then I will want them to show it off, so that way the kids can see all different types of perspectives. I can tell them this, and say that everyone thinks differently, and that sometimes you have to step into someone else’s shoes and see from their perspective.


One thought on “Digital Citizenship Superhero Lesson

  1. Those gallery walks are great collaborative activities for students of all ages. You should check them out and add them to your teacher toolbox for use in your own future classroom.


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