Being an Educator in the 21st Century

In recent discussions of using technology effectively in today’s classroom, a controversial issue is if the people of today are “information literate”. What this means is that people can tell if information is indeed false, or true. Often times, we look up something on the internet and click on the first thing that comes up. We usually think that those first couple of sites are reliable, and that we can trust them, unless they appear not to be. As well as this, we do not really question the resources that we use, even though we know about people who plagiarize and also make up certain things. So, the argument is whether or not it is possible for one to actually become “information literate”. On one hand, some say that it is possible, and from this perspective, there are many “rules of thumb” that we can use to decipher whether or not something is a real website, and if the information that it has on it is real. Some of these rules include noticing if they have corrected any mistakes, or if they have gotten rid of their mistakes without a trace. If they have wiped away all existence of their mistakes (therefore not really acknowledging it), then this can be a sign that they are not being truthful, or are not credible.

My own view is that it is definitely possible to educate people so that they can be “information literate”. With the correct use of these certain rules, and also just doing a certain amount of sleuthing before thinking a site is credible, it is possible to get the right information. Also, if we as teachers educate our students on being especially critical of information that they find on the internet (or anywhere for that matter)  it will be possible for students to have the skills that are necessary for being “information literate”. With that, I do think that even though the internet is the most powerful medium, it is possible to teach our kids how to be “information literate” as well as effective users.


One thought on “Being an Educator in the 21st Century

  1. I personally find the conversation around is it possible to become literate on the internet to but a somewhat inflated issue just as teachers used to teach kids to use the Dewey decimal system before conducting research it is important to teach students how to use the tools they have to complete the assignment and once kids are taught to be judgemental about what they read this argument should be over and just remember it’s on the internet it must be true


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